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Evaporative Emissions Testing System

Webber EMI manufactures a wide range of evaporative emissions testing systems in a variety of sizes, ranging from 10 cu-ft Micro SHEDs to full sized Vehicle SHEDs capable of testing HD construction vehicles. Starting with one of our standard configurations, a evaporative emissions testing system can be custom-built to our customer specifications with specific regard to size, window placement, access door type, and other performance or testing needs. All Webber EMI SHEDs incorporate a modular-systems design that allows the basic Fixed Volume / Fixed Temperature (FV/FT) enclosure to be upgraded to full Variable Volume / Variable Temperature (VV/VT) enclosure — even years later — on-site, and after installation. FV/FT Vehicle SHED The Webber EMI Model 101 Vehicle SHED has been […]

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mod CCB Scale Box

Canister Conditioning Bench

The Webber EMI Canister Conditioning Bench, model 110 utilizes our highly-intuitive, Windows-based control system to allow a user to quickly set up and precisely load charcoal canisters in accordance with all applicable EPA and CARB protocols.

In standard form, the Bench is configured with a single station which allows the user to precondition and load either a single canister or two charcoal canisters sequentially. This Bench can also be ordered with an optional second station that then allows the user to load two canisters simultaneously or up to four canisters sequentially.

The Webber EMI proprietary software insures faster set-up times and that the Bench is easy-to-use. The system also provides a comprehensive data report for each canister loaded and includes a built-in calibration utility.

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Fuel Dispensing Equipment

Webber EMI offers a full line of fuel dispensing & handling equipment, from fuel conditioning drum carts, portable service carts, Smart cats, as well as custom fuel systems and storage. Since 1975 Webber EMI has built hundreds of these fuel carts – many of which remain in daily service today – a tribute to their proven design, rugged construction and unmatched durability. While all of these high performing systems are configured to handle the various forms of diesel or gasoline (California Phase II, Indolene, special high volatility blend & standard pump grade fuels and gasoline fuels containing up to 15% ETBE & MTBE alcohol blends), we also are pleased to offer options to use more exotic fuels such as alcohol […]

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Proportional Speed Fan

Webber EMI manufactures Proportional Speed Fans for use in specialty vehicle testing applications based upon customer requirements. These Fans are designed to interface with vehicle chassis and/or engine dynamometers and to replicate airflow through a vehicles radiator or across an engine directly correspondent to system road speed. In this way, accurate assessment of vehicle & engine systems performance and emission characterization is possible within the testing laboratory. The Webber EMI Proportional Speed Fan is designed to provide the user with the capability of addressing all fixed or proportional output air speed testing needs utilizing a single air handling system.In its standard configuration, this Fan includes four (4) customer-specified fixed output airflow settings and two (2) choices with regard to proportional […]

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Portable Utility Blower

100000-109 Explosion Proof Portable Utility Blower Webber EMI manufactures a portable, explosion-proof (Class I, Division II –rated) blower for specialized laboratory testing applications. This blower offers the user a easily-movable, adjustable air flow rate in a compact & attractive stainless steel system for preventing temperature and mixture stratification in laboratory applications. Sound Level – Meets OSHA Standards For safe operation with personnel in the immediate vicinity.Adjustable Control of Air Speed Louvered dampers controls to regulate rate of air flow can change air flow by approximately 60%.Air Directional Controls Adjustable vanes on the outlet nozzle to direct air flow where required.Heavy Duty Class I-rated Electric Motor Maintenance-free design with lifetime pre-lubricated sealed ball bearings, available in either 115 VAC/60 Hz or […]

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Stainless Steel Fabrication

Since 1975, Webber EMI has been recognized as an industry leading supplier for custom stainless steel fabrication of panels, joints, unions, fittings, tubes and other system components for a variety of industries and applications. In addition to manufacturing its trademark exhaust and diurnal emission test equipment for mobile source applications, over its years, Webber EMI has created custom stainless steel parts for use in military, aerospace, food processing, medical and pharmaceutical applications. Following are just a few examples Stainless Steel Components for Mobile Source Emission Testing Applications Stainless Steel System Components for Testing Applications Miscellaneous Stainless Steel Parts Webber EMI would welcome the opportunity to provide your organization with a confidential quotation for your companys parts, project, machine or tooling needs. […]

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Custom Manufacturing

In addition to its core business of manufacturing emission-focused test equipment, since its inception in 1975, Webber EMI has also produced a wide range of specialized in custom manufacturing of machines and other test systems for high-performance, high-precision industrial applications. Following is a brief overview of some of the machines and test systems developed and produced by Webber EMI. Chassis & Engine Dynamometers & Dynamometer Service Parts Custom Systems & Electro-Mechanical Controls Please contact us via phone, fax or e-mail for a free quotation.

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Sample Handling Equipment

For over twenty-five years, Webber EMI has been helping laboratories manage their exhaust and diurnal emission testing needs. Webber EMI manufactures a complete line of sample acquisition, handling and conditioning systems. Collection Apparatus and Handling Systems Webber EMI manufactures a full line of sample collection and handling apparatus.Webber EMIs engineering staff, CADD-based design systems and 12,000 square foot machining & fabrication facility ensure our ability to design and deliver a complete sample collection system to address your test and facility requirements. Webber EMI provides a complete line of silicon boots, reducers, elbows, adapters, flow controls, and other apparatus to support your test facility needs.In addition to providing standard products, Webber EMI also has the capability of both designing and fabricating […]

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Webber Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. was founded in 1975 by Jack Webber. Under Jack's direction, the company quickly grew, establishing itself as an industry leader in design and the development of specialized mobile source emission test equipment and prototype machinery.
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For over twenty-five years, Webber EMI has been helping laboratories manage their exhaust and diurnal emission testing needs. Webber EMI manufactures a complete line of sample acquisition, handling and conditioning systems.
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