Webber EMI has a full range of custom manufacturing and engineering capability, that ranges from small parts to integrated systems.  Our experienced engineers, technicians, programmers and skilled tradesmen can handle essentially any application.  Customer Satisfaction is the foundation of our business.

Custom Fabrication

Custom Fuel Handling Systems

Webber EMI experienced engineers can design solution to your specific application and specification for virtually any fuel handling or transfer system.

Machining and Fabrication

Webber EMI can machine, fabricate and assemble a variety of Engineer to Order parts and components.  We are ideally suited for prototype building and one of a kind assemblies.

Customized Solutions

Webber EMI will take our existing design as a template and work with you to satisfy your specific application.  We have done this with our entire portfolio of products including our SHED testing systems, Fuel Conditioning and Canister Conditioning Equipment.  We work hard to provide a reliable and economical solution to meet your specifications.   Winning your trust and confidence is the foundation for a long lasting relationship.