• Full Size VV/VT SHED Testing System

  • VV/VT & FV Mini-SHEDs with ORVR Windows

Why choose a Webber EMI Evaporative Emissions Testing System?

Each Webber EMI Evaporative Emissions Testing Systems uses our exclusive ‘Ure-lok’ interlocking panel design, which serves to double the sealing surface between each panel. Panels are held together by a patented mechanical interlocking system to further increase sidewall rigidity and live load ratings. Each panel employs a chemically bonded cross-section with an exterior surface of aluminum, an interior surface of type-304 stainless steel, and a 4” thick fire retardant urethane foam core. The panels contain no organic materials (i.e., wood or other cellulose-based materials), which can warp or naturally deform. All panel-mounted windows use triple-pane safety glass and are fully sealed and trimmed inside and out. This ensures that all Webber EMI SHEDs have a durable and attractive exterior and an easy to clean interior surface that is impermeable and non-reactive to both hydrocarbons and test fuels.

Webber EMI SHEDs can be fitted with either a top-hinged, tilt-up or vertical-sliding, ‘guillotine’ style vehicle door. Vehicle SHEDs can also include a separate, side-opening personnel door. All door styles feature pneumatic seals and triple-pane safety glass windows.

Every Webber EMI SHED systems structure fully complies with the leakage limits and HC retention requirements stated in CFR 40 86.117-96. Additionally, the SHED structure is designed to safely withstand an internal-to-external pressure differential of +/- 2 “H20 (+/- 0.5 kPa) without deformation or other negative effect.