• Full Size VV/VT SHED Testing System

  • VV/VT & FV Mini-SHEDs with ORVR Windows

  • CARB LD & MD SHEDs - Riverside CA

Why choose a Webber EMI Evaporative Emissions Testing System?

Webber EMI Evaporative Emissions Testing Systems use the ‘Ure-lok’ interlocking panel design, which serves to double the sealing surface between each panel. Panels are held together by a patented mechanical interlocking system to further increase sidewall rigidity and live load ratings. Each panel employs a chemically bonded cross-section with an exterior surface of aluminum, an interior surface of type-304 stainless steel, and a 4” to 5″ thick fire retardant urethane foam core.  Webber SHED systems control temperature to less than 1 degree of the set point and pressures are maintained within .01 inches of water.  Webber SHED systems exceed all CFR requirements with several examples of SHEDs remaining in service for over 20 years.  Performance, reliability and repeatable results that customers can rely on for their testing needs.

Webber EMI SHEDs can be fitted with either a top-hinged, tilt-up or vertical-sliding, ‘guillotine’ style vehicle door. Vehicle SHEDs can also include a separate, side-opening personnel door. All door styles feature pneumatic seals and triple-pane safety glass windows.

Every Webber EMI SHED systems structure fully complies with the leakage limits and HC retention requirements stated in CFR 40 86.117-96. Additionally, the SHED structure is designed to safely withstand an internal-to-external pressure differential of +/- 2 “H20 (+/- 0.5 kPa) without deformation or other negative effect.