Fuel Conditioning Systems and Handling

Webber EMI manufactures a variety of Fuel Conditioning and Handling Systems.  Our products include: Fuel Conditioning Systems for gasoline and alcohol, fuel service carts and specialized fuel filling applications.  The products are typically designed to meet Class 1 Div 2 conditions, and can be custom built to your specific requirements.

Portable Fuel Conditioning & Dispensing System for OR/VR Testing

The Webber EMI Model 107 portable FC Cart is designed to temperature-condition fuel to any operator-selected temperature and to precisely dispense fuel at that temperature via a conventional fuel dispensing nozzle. This Cart incorporates a ‘closed fuel system’ design to facilitate minimal loss of ‘high end’ hydrocarbons.

In addition to precisely dispensing temperature conditioned fuel, this Cart can also function as a safe, portable, transfer system to easily transfer fuel into a standard 55 gallon or other container container.

Our exclusive interface system allows an operator to quickly switch operations between different standard 55-gallon drum of test fuels and to easily mount these drums onto the Cart’s accompanying mobile drum dolly. This Cart can also be ordered with an onboard stainless steel tank in various sizes. In either configuration, a specially constructed thermal jacket is included as standard equipment.

Interactive Portable Fuel Conditioning & Dispensing Systems

Model 108 – Webber EMI’s Data Logging Fuel Conditioning Cart

The Webber Model 108 Fuel Conditioning Cart brings the same reliability of the Model 107 but adds the capability and convenience for data logging and report generation.  Coming standard with an onboard tank, it’s gasoline and alcohol compatible.  The Model 108 is designed to work with Webber SHED systems for a convenient ORVR test complete with combined test reporting.   It will also work with non-Webber SHED systems by recording and downloading the ORVR test data to a customer specified file location for easy report generation.  Its 12″ touchscreen monitor is convenient and intuitively easy to use.

Updated for 2018, automatic shut off capability for pre-programmed volumes.  Also, up to 3 fuel selections available with their own calibrated settings, for easy selection by your technicians.


The new line of (AC) Fuel Conditioning Cart comes equipped with the same standards as our gasoline cart, but includes a nickel-plated alcohol nozzle, 12’ alcohol-capable hose, alcohol-fuel filter, alcohol-compatible alloy fuel pump.

These alcohol carts are also capable of operating with both alcohol / gasoline blends and 100% gas for maximum flexibility in your test facility.

Custom Fuel Handling Systems

Webber EMI’s experienced engineers can provide economical solutions to your custom fuel handling needs.  No job is too small for our team to review and propose a solution for you to consider.

Fuel Service Carts

The Model 106 Fuel Service Cart is available in 40 and 60 gallon models, or can be custom built to your specifications.  The Webber Service cart is designed for safe and easy handling for fuel around your facility. Designated for Class 1 Div 2 applications, the cart is fabricated with 3/16″ thick steel and is built to withstand all but the roughest handling.  The carts are available for Gasoline, Diesel or Alcohol fuels, and 110V and 220 V power.   Please specify at the time of order.  Also available if you choose, the carts can be outfitted with a passive vapor recovery nozzle.   The carts come standard with a siphon feature for easy filling, with the switch of a valve, as well as a canister for vapor capture.

ORVR Windows

Used in conjunction with the Fuel Conditioning Carts, Webber EMI manufactures ORVR windows.   This is an optional item you can add to a Webber SHED system, a dedicated ORVR Fixed Volume enclosure or to your existing non-Webber SHED system.  Manufactured with quick connect fittings as shown in the image or a rubber style boot, our systems are durable and leak free.